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This orb helps me relax at night. It's like a tiny blue galaxy in a ball! A great item to add to your desk or bedside table. It's way better than a standard lamp! Worth the purchase.

Glow was promised

Bioluminescent critters glow as promised. One caveat: Don't buy if you live in an apartment that gets very hot. You are not supposed to expose them to heat over 77 degrees. Mine did not survive the summer because of this.

Really Cool!!

A tiny ball full of nature! It looks great in every table and sets the mood in any room. I bought this as a present but when I saw it, I didn't hesitate to buy one for myself.

So Cool!

This item is so cool. So nice to look at. Bought this for my sister and she loves it. She even said it helps her fall asleep

One of the Coolest Things Ever!!

I love these lil guys and the customer sejrvice is bonified! I did a bit of research of the care before my actual purchase which i definitely suggest.

It arrived at the door in a medium sized lightweight box. Taped up well with dinos in a padded astrornaut foil bag to keep them safe during the tranportation process. The sphere was in it's own smaller box.
After opening the dino bag you unscrew the nozzle that the dinos are in and pour them into the sphere.

CARE : Its starting to get a little chilly in California so i have a little heater set to 67 degrees. i have placed a couple feet away. The prime temp. to keeping the dinos happy is 68 farenheit.
I have them set up to be receiving a good amount of light during the day but not direct sunlight as instructed.
It takes about a week for the dinos to reach their peak glow so be patient.
Feeding them a couple of teaspoons of dino food every few weeks as instructed by the wonderful staff at Biopop.

I find myself excited coming home in the evenings to give them a little swirl to watch the magic.

PRO: They really are one of the coolest things ever. Nearly everything about them is a positive. Talk about a conversation piece. My co workers, friends, acquaintences all ask about the dinos often. Difficult to beat the customer service too!

CON: the only thing negative about the dinosphere is the nozzle on bag of dinos. It could be a little smaller to fit the sphere itself when pouring the dinos in a little easier.

All in all this is one of the coolest things ever and it is worth the time and energy to really take care of. Which really isnt much time or energy.

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