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Nice Jacket

Bought this for my husband. He's very happy with the material, fit and all the pockets. He did complain about the zipper, will take some getting used to as it's backwards for guys. He'll be testing it out soon. Haven't washed it yet but will make sure and air dry it on account of the plastic pouch. He looks great in it and he says it's comfy so we're happy

Exceeds expectations

This is the perfect lightweight travel jacket! My teenager loves how it is designed to integrate with technology. The pocket designed for a smart phone has a clear "plastic" side that lets you operate the phone while in the pocket! It lives up to the videos we've seen online advertising it. The multiple pockets are of ample size and depth, the zipper is smooth and yet feels very strong. Water resistant too. I can see that it's fit for everyday use, not only traveling. (The kid wears it almost everyday!)! Well done!

Love it!

This seems to be a very well made jacket. I bought it for my husband who will be wearing when he travels soon. It has so many pockets to store things! It is a bit heavy, but it needs to be heavy in order not to rip out when holding a lot of items! Would definitely order again!

Nice hoodie!

High quality materials. Warm. The pockets are well-designed and well-placed. Looks fine- like a slightly upgraded standard hoodie, which is what you want in a travel garment concealing your electronics- it doesn't call attention to itself. Recommended.

exceeded expectations

thought this jacket would be cheap and uncomforatble judging from the price and other reviews. it is actually quite soft and warm despite just being brought in from the freezing cold. all the pockets are easy to find and reach while wearing. the eye and face masks do get in the way a bit when wearing the hood but they can be removed. could not figure out how to inflate the neck thing but that wasnt a selling point for me. overall a solid piece of clothing that i cant wait to wear on my next outing.

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